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How fast is your internet working ?
Use the free Speedtest to check current speed, then talk to us for better options.
Most people are getting less performance then they are paying for.
Are you getting value for money ? Can you get help when you need it ?

Would you like to save time/money travelling and work from home ?
Remote working allows you to access to E-mail and your files in the office.
Security can be setup to secure the connection, limiting access to certain users.

Internet safety
Everybody needs up-to-date,
good quality Anti-Virus protection.

Online shopping or banking ?
you also need an up to date browser and security
with Anti-Spyware protection and a well configured secure firewall.
There are now tools to protect your employees and children
from seeing unsuitable adult & disturbing sites.
Tools to warn you BEFORE selecting links to risky sites.
Tools that can filter infected or junk Emails out.

MouseRunner has lots of experience with installing, setup and supporting
Microsoft Exchange Email software.

For a business, having their own Email server, means faster, more reliable receipt and delivery of Emails, as well as unlimited attachment sizes.