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MouseRunner can offer a complete IT service…
offering pay-as-you-go or monthly remote support package to spread the cost.

Good support reduces problems and down time, ensuring your business stays working.
Ever tried running your business without your computers for a day or two ?
Call us and you do not need to find out !

If you have just 2 or lots of PCs, then we could network them.
This gives benefits like sharing printers and sharing information between users,
making workers more efficient and thus saving money.

We can supply & setup new PCs, Laptops and PC servers.
Doing the setup properly at the beginning save problems later.

We also custom build PCs or Servers, using industry standard parts.
All custom build PCs or Servers come with a 1 year parts warranty.
So you get a system that suits you, in your price range,
which can be supported and upgraded for years to come.

A custom built PC or Server is usually faster & better then standard shop PCs,
after you’ve bought your PC, who are you going to see about help ?
Come back to us, we are happy to help with whatever you need.
Need software, computer help or training then no problem.

Buying from someone else..... and something is not right ?
Will they come out to fix the issue ?
Will you need to pay to courier send it back to the factory
and be without a machine for monthes ?
Or spend hours on the phone to some far distance helpdesk ?